Chopped Up (Produced by DJ O'Neilly)

by Dubbs

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Produced by DJ O'Neilly
Written, Recorded & Mixed by Illyum.


Verse 1:
Dubbs & O’Neilly I know they gon feel me
This a stick up get ya hands towards the ceiling
Dope flow dealing No Doz feeling
Yo ho kneeling YOLO screaming
Sexual healing head so appealing
Bed keep squealing and she wheeling
Rollin smoking roller coastin
Solar floatin I told her hold it
Control it slow it
She fucked up yeah she love to show it
Shit gets stolen she the culprit
Chasin shots with non-cola coke
She go for broken noses on hoes
On the dance floor straight throwin bows
Every camera she posing for
She a lot like the girl mike posner knows
Cooler than me you him and her
92 pounds but she skips desserts
Pharmacy tucked up in her purse
Brought her own booze but she sippin yours
She came her with her girls
She gone leave with them less you get her first
She always drink & get lifted first
Every single night she get bizerk

Verse 2:
Yo we live like rappers ragin in the rafters
Skippin chapters to the page we after
The hoes we capture then ghost like casper
Livin like we got diagnosed with cancer
Like fight this bitch then light this spliff
Fuckin right this is the life kids live
Bitin vicodins up all night on rids
Takin flight come witness this rightousness
Tighter then dresses of flight attendants
Sniffin broads with white complexions
Gotta invest in the right protection
Trojan’s for hoes that might need testin
Rock stars on the mic we flexin
Like lets admit this a tight profession
Mary therapy each nights a session
Mary therapy each nights a session

Fuckin right right like admendments
Rollin like a motha fuckin bike relentless
In this bitch trippin on light projections
Bitches keep textin late night confessions
Missed calls & miss ya calls might I mention
We ragin always stayin late like detention
Trail blazin like Raymond Felton
Pop PK’s pop to chase we meltin
Ex show up best believe we stealthin
Like it’s all in the past bitch ya need to shelf it
Plenty fish in the sea stop bein selfish
Yeah we hot dog but don’t need no relish
Oneilly this too dope we need to sell this
Way too hot bitch we be where hell is
All about the green like Celtics
And that you can see like shell fish


released October 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Dubbs Marquette, Michigan

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