Holidaze (Produced by MC)

by Dubbs

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*For smokers only*
"Happy Holidaze"


light them trees like christmas eve

light them trees like christmas eve

light them trees like christmas eve
blunt stuffed up with sticky leave
taste so sweet like crispy creme
quality shit no stems or seeds
light them trees like christmas eve

Verse 1:
we high as fuck thats obvious
check my stash hope we got enough
if not make the call and stock me up
street smart but the weed got me dumb
sick of the radio poppy stuff
my homie brought us some tupac to bump
leave the gas station pockets stuffed
little debbie fein I gotta
insomniac smoke all night
always on like mall lights
never use visine yall might
but I just leave my eye balls tight
leave em red they bleed in bed like a virgin first time we the best
no khaled I'm candle lit strong weed bet she can't handle it
Verse 2:
we high as hell might as well
roll another to hide the smell
been rollin these from 5 to twelves
we rolling deep like 5 adeles
thick girls in the back seat
cause thick girls always have weed
we burn trees smoke mad trees
bet smokey ain't happy
only you can live yo life
so you define whats livin right
got so much love never been a fighter
got so much bud bro get ya lighter
put them bitches in the sky
them bring em down we gettin high
go ahead hate and criticize
but lifes a movie I improvise


released April 20, 2012
Produced & Mixed by Matt "MC" Carr.



all rights reserved


Dubbs Marquette, Michigan

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