Oh My

by Dubbs

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First single of off 'RAGE' EP


Oh my Illyum yo I'm at it

Gettin higher than an addict goin at it in the attic

Boy you know that smashin on these tracks that be a habit

Sick of bitches talkin shit trix for kids silly rabbit

Fuck it light the cannabis eyes drier than a camel tit

PBR goggles still I'm Rippin it like Hamilton

Leftie so I am like Prince Wallace yall can't handle this

Alcoholics can't fuck with the way my homies slam the gin

Santa isn't in this bitch still ya see 3 hoes

Nowadays every rapper actin cheesy like Doritos

Or Cheetos Fritos Burrito Taquito

See we know lifes a gamble so my people build Casino

Motha fucka put ya chips in

Rap senior class we the motha fuckas skippin

Chug chug don't be the motha fucka sipping

Bro go for the dunk yo don't settle for the tippin

Don't settle for the Pippen don't settle for Jordan

Skies the fuckin limit homie go for historic

Money is nothin it's the love thats important

Do what you love never settle for boring

Rappers ain't tourin still trippin like they ill

Bass got you shakin like this beat slipped you a pill

These lames sick of hank yeah they over the Hill
When I rap I need a lawyer to go over the kills

Never in a pickle man you what the dill

M.O.B. until we go no ho in the will

No hands on the wheel I let my knees hold it

Cause I need both hands for the green I be smokin

Gettin white boy wasted and white boy blazed yo

Always twisted somethin like tornados

Illyum Ill yum potato potato

Next time at your show man I'm throwin tomatoes
Like pow powpow powpow

We cheif da peace pipe pow wow

Holla at these dogs like bow wow

She go to town when she go down downtown

To be the man you gotta tell yourself you are

Dont spend your 15 minutes as a television star

Naw man aim bigger than that

Got some life plans way bigger than rap

Cause I got drive like the guy on this side
She down to ride like the guy on this side
I aint the kind to accuse a dick ride
But when she hear my rhymes her eyes they get wide
They yellin finish him like a Sega Genesis

Tell these rappers get fucked like a friend with benefits


Like when your mom would walk in on ya watching a dirty movie and ya like mom get lost!

Girl just make it pop just like a can of coke

These fruity ass rappers taste like Cantaloupe

The sickest motha fuckas ain't no antidote

Kick ya ass off the air like a canceled show

That you know fo jersey sho

It's the same ol song same dosy do

These motha fuckas don't know me bro

I run shit like kids run from KONY bro
So all you motha fuckas put ya hands in the air

Stand there awkwardly and leave them up there

I'm an atheist if you do really do care

So all you wack rappers imma keep ya in my prayers


released February 15, 2013
Produced by Dubbs
Recorded & Mixed by Brian Williams at Northern Michigan University



all rights reserved


Dubbs Marquette, Michigan

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