by Dubbs

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New single
Produced by Dubbs
Recorded & Mixed by Shane Sells.


this my native pride, my native side, creative mind, never wasting time
my crazy side, these crazy rhymes, haters might as well stay inside
sit in line I'm spittin fire, I commit the crime then sit the time
get out then recommit the crime, just to tell the cops I dont give a shit cause I'm
taking over this bitch, I ain't gone stay sober for this
cause when I'm blazed oh I spit, write like beethoven this fifth
gone stay open I sip straight no chase cola for this
only one way soda get mixed, how UGK told us to mix
yup I lean like Teddys wife, cheif on that peace pipe
my eyes taiwanese tight, gotta reup each three nights
twenty three time more doper then any wisco locals
and this beat so fuckin dope I didn't really need no vocals
fuck it imma kill this, I'm crazier than skrillex
bass droppin the building, yo face gets mopped up real quick
you feel the shit I'm real legit, watch every emcee try to steal this shit
watch mtv I'm still convinced, those empty heads gone fill this shit

Get loco, go crazy (x3)
Cant nobody change me
Get loco, go crazy, get loco, go crazy
We gettin wild in this, we gettin wild in this bitch (x4)

I do the impossible, unstopable, just run shit fuck yo obstacles
don't see me check yo opticals, bow down respect ain't optional
fuck with me be cautious bro, I spit that unconscious flow
that monster that zombie flow, yo girl probably think it's awesome tho
picasso flow I'm abstract, shits tighter than an ass crack
pass a full blunt I pass back, after one rip you just get half back
thats ok tho ash that of course theres another after that
we burnin siamese twins that means we lightin back to back
this track getting tomahawked we, blowing up thats kamikaze
rolex flow you gotta watch me, burnin hoes I'm not a nazi
killer flow no cops have caught me, I'm cereal and hot as coffee
my shit so cray crayola wants me, it's been this way since tomagotchi
momma taught me my heritage, but didn't too much parenting
but damn that broad can smoke, I guess that much I inherited
I came in the game to tear this shit, don't waste your time comparin this
we all made in america so we all native american


We gettin wild (where my natives at) (X8)


released July 2, 2012



all rights reserved


Dubbs Marquette, Michigan

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