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Alexander "Gerko" Watanen
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Alexander "Gerko" Watanen I think ILLYUM marks a point in Dubbs musical career where he has really honed his style and cadence. His beat choices on this LP are on point. PLUS I rap on 2 songs on this album, that's reason enough to cop it; huzzah! Favorite track: Burn One (feat. Petty Tyrants).
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released April 20, 2013



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Dubbs Marquette, Michigan

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Track Name: Hot Mess (feat. Brett Hanson)
Verse 1 (Dubbs):
Indie bands will make her dance I love to watch them Yoga Pants
Go back and forth, go forth and back, move so damn fast I'm so damn tranced
Like a soda can she shake it and she blow up
She show up to the club and she drank until she throw up
So what, she get messy but she still look so damn sexy
Guys give her their number saying you should call or text me
She take advantage of their pipe dreams it might seem
Like they got a chance to get her but she profits off free licquor
So if you hanging with her and your pockets start to whither
Ya better hit the ATM before she leaves to hang with him
She really hates the gym but she shows up once a week
Takes a selfie in the mirror posts to instagram and leaves
Geez girl where ya mind at
She starts to lose control that she knows but never mind that
She can do just what she wants with that fine ass
Even if she had more lips on her than a wine glass

Chorus (Brett Hanson):
Got the world and she knows it, oh she plays it well
Try as you might to get inside never pass her shell
Looks to kill throwin dolla bills, always dressed to impress
Don’t fall in to the trap (What trap is that) of a hot mess

Verse 2 (Dubbs):
Not one to waste no time she goes to work in bar clothes
At bar close she hears more lines then a barcode
Talk about her shoes well shes got a couple car loads
Which is funny she a few months due on her car loan
She aint trippin tho daddy writes the checks still
And every guy she talks to put her on a pedestal
Noone in this bar would hesitiate to penetrate
But none of them could get a date she just here to celebrate
An aspiring actress doing lines by the script
(Wait rewind that shit) doing lines by the script
Get hypnotized by her hips and her thighs you might slip
And find yourself confined in a line full of guys
Who tryna get a chance for a convo for a dance
Get her to their house maybe get up in her pants
Now all the bad bitches lemme see ya hands now
Ladies you the best hands down
Track Name: Zombies
He walk around town head down to whats really real

Surrounded by clowns bout to drown how he really feel

Shots of crown goin round with the philly peeled

It’s goin down that he shouts as he grip the wheel

Groundhog daze different day with the same shit

Talkin to these broads different faces but the same chicks

He’s been placed in this mind set he’s caged in

He’s blind to the waste in the time he spends chasin

The same shit TV stations push

The shit rappers talk bout while blazin kush

I cant really say I blame him tho

Grow up like he did it’s the only thang ya know

Closed minded clothes minded

So mindless so spineless

His lack of purpose so obvious

Walks around town on his zombie shit

And this is a warning this is not a hoax

They’re here they’re coming for ya and their getting close

Ya cant escape it it’s the fate of man kind

These the kinda sights that could leave a man blind

Ya can't stop itit’s all in due time

Pay attention you gon’ lose your damn mind

We're all just zombies

She walk around town head down to the real world

Face layered in make up like why don’t you keep it real girl

She got her entire world stuffed in her purse

Not sure who’s dreams she chasin but it isn’t hers

Always gettin hurt but still she chase the same guys

She like to have a good time and she stay high

And I don’t blame her she was taught to blow that paper

She gon worry bout it later but for now its fuck deez haters

College educated but she always get faded

And her days are all the same yeah there aint much in the rotation

Left is law right is wrong takin shots light the bong

Playlist it goes on but it only plays 8 songs

Closed minded clothes minded

So mindless so spineless

Her lack of purpose so obvious

Walks around town on her zombie shit