Under The Influence

by Dubbs

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released March 5, 2012

All beats produced by Brian "Dubbs" Williams.
All tracks recorded, mixed & mastered by Shane Sells @ Getaway Studios, New London, WI.
Features recorded by Brian Williams @ NMU Studios, Marquette, MI.



all rights reserved


Dubbs Marquette, Michigan

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Track Name: Witness
Rhyme spitta undercover mind splitta'
Dont waste your time with her motha fucka' Imma get her

I'm feelin like a hero I bet you wonder why
Cause I got these kids to listen to a normal ass guy
Who can't brag alot but I still enjoy life
Cause I refuse to let the little things pass me by
I defy time, I spring past July, and I
Live so much more than summa the time
It's like I ate all the calenders for dinner
Never do I fall but I always be a winner
Everytime I think the words that I deliver
Are the kind to make a shrink go cry shrink and shiver
Everytime I sink I just look up and giv'er
Hardly do I drink but that's cause Imma liver

Rhyme spitta' undercover mind splitta'
Dont waste your time with her mother fucker Imma get her
Yea, and that's word to my drive and ambition
Just be thankful that I'm live for you to witness

So lemme introduce you to a world you all know,
but ignore, cause the roads aint exactly paved with gold
These days it seems TV's got control
(And they tryna add D's to our souls)
So quick grab hold, and dont let them have mo'
Forget those assholes, your glass is half full
So quick take a stand and make them top you off
Take what you can before they chop you off
Live life, live long, live right
Takin' rips off the bong all night
Like who's an officer to tell me wrong and right?
(And who the fucks a blogger to judge the songs I write)
This is my creation, my imagination
Just cause you dont like it doesn't mean that you should hate it
Homie get a life look at the time that you be wastin'
Hatin's like an occupation come on bro take a vacation.

Hook (x2)

Track Name: Break It Down
Verse 1:
Why the fuck they let me in
Ya'll sick I'm the wrong form of medicine
Rap game straight pussy straight estrogen
So when they face each other call em lesbians
I work hard like a Mexican
My green card that's just for my medicine
Bass drop in the place when Dubbs steppin in
Even tho I left Marquette I'm still reppin
Got love for my city got love for my friends
Everybody with me got love for the Hen
A tad cocky cause I'm over your head
You pissed cause you home alone sober in bed
But don't take it out on me
Cause you hate the man I'm about to be
So high you can find us in the mountains
So alive like we found the youth fountain

Girl I dont give a fuck 'less you tryna get fucked
I dont give a fuck 'less you tryna get fucked
Earth kinda sucks so Imma lift up
And Dom got the blunt so it's time to roll up
Break It down break break it down (x4)

Verse 2:
You hear the thunder expect some strong lightning
Haters choke call that LeBronchitis
And we don't give a fuck if you like us
Cause your hate is the flame that ignites us
Light up take off, 'fore the lights fade off
Tonight may not, end up like we want
So we pray for the future we stay in the present
We lay down the past and we aint gone be stressin
Gotta thank Mary Jane for a better day
'Tween an L and a J like the letter K
Tryna get that cheese bread cheddar cake
Call it what you want I'm tryna stuff my face
Or wallet Imma flaunt Imma celebrate
And ball like I'm so sick of second place
Sick of chicks stickin to second base
Trippin sayin this is just the second date
I make life make me lemonade
It tried to give me lemons I said demonstrate
And people probably wonder if my head is straight
Underground but we still fuckin levatate, hey


Verse 3:
Quit is the only word I don't understand man
And my girl love gettin high like a Pan Am
Give a fuck 'bout the numbers on my Bandcamp
I just wanna hear your truck bump this damn track
Rap outlet so fuckin jam packed
Everybody dope I'm the muh fuckin anthrax
Ya'll pussies need some muh fuckin tampax
Make a hit and I won't delay to slap back
(Slap back Slap Back) I don't need a snapback
Got too much brain cap can't cover half that
This song one cheeked other words half assed
Ya'll for teens, too weak, take a math class
Take a mad bath all ya'll stink
Ya'll small pull the plug wash ya all down the sink
Play this track back take time to think
Livin too fast no time to blink
Man fuck a 16 just appreciate the beat...

(Man fuck a 16 just appreciate the beat)

Track Name: Party In The Streets
Out in the streets havin' fun, actin' young,
Actin' dumb, we all too young to hit the club
Too young to hit the bars so we go get in our cars
Hit up all our friends let 'em know jus' where we are
Park by the park yeah that's where our night will start
Hit up Walmart just to ride the shopping carts
Life is like a movie memorize your favorite parts
Rippin bud apart while we quotin' Kevin Hart
So smart but we actin' like a fool
Treatin every day like the last day of school
Appreciate the sun yup we hangin' by the pool
Still young so of course you know we break the rules
That's how it is man that's how it's gon' be
Chasin' skids in Arizona tea
Party all night man I swear we wont sleep
Gotta party in the streets you know where we gon' be

Man I swear that there's a party at wherever I am
Gotta cup full of life in each one of my hands
Three o'clock at night everybody goin' ham
Til' they cut the street lights no one givin' a damn

So fuck makin' plans homie this our last chance
When we roll down the street you hear the beat you best dance
I see this girl glance I can tell jus' by her stance that
I might have a chance for unplanned romance so I
Try to prance girl I like them pants
Got my mind enhanced in some kind of trance
If you feel the way I feel what you say we lube the deal
Yeah I know you know I'm blunt I just love to keep it real
New set of wheels pair of subs in the back
Put down the seats and we can (uhh) in the back
I mean if you into that shit
Up all night like I put rids in that chick
Fuck the police we ain't forgettin' that shit
Keep a forty in the shorts steady sippin' that shit
Keep a bowl in the shorts steady rippin' that shit
See us out in the streets and you know we reakin' havoc
(Havoc) (x5)

Chorus (x4)
Track Name: Freestyled (feat. T-10 & JD)
Work sucks, I'm out tho
Where da party at phones out bro
You already know what we about tho
Treat every damn night like an outro
Smoke quick, couple bowl rips
Try to pick what drinks that we gone get
Which party which bar is we gone hit
Predict what chicks we coming home with
Reminisce about last weeks
Buncha drunk girls pullin out ass cheeks
In the cab where we puked in the back seat
Learned not to mix alcohol and caffeine
Got fucked up like whats new
Get the blunts yup you know how Dubbs do
Got some ladies we gone wait til they come thru
It's time to have some motha fuckin fun dude

We Young, Get Wild
Get in touch with our inner child
Callin' friends we ain't seen in a while
Tonight we gon' live our life freestyled

Wait, this the right house?
This the right street?
This where da party at?
Man shits weak
Ain't no decent girls in here lets sneak
Out the back homie fast
Yo this beak
On the road on on to the next one
If we dont find a party we gone wreck some
Where the broads at dog yo text some
Tell em we just trying to kick it like beckham
Kick it for a minute if she with it then she with it
If she isn't then she gettin kicked out I aint kiddin
Ritalin in my system
Mixed with some other shit
Sittin splittin spliffs while we spit the sickest shit
Killin shit everyone i'm chillin with
Drink like they got gills fucked up spillin shit
Taking shots tween pills and hits
Getting lost like gilligan

Chorus (x2)

Hold up
T-10 is here to party
If you didn't know let's get it started
Our minds gon' get departed
By the end we might seem retarded
So let's get to pop bottles
Everyone put on your beer goggles
Drinks up in the air
Toast to gettin impaired
Drinkin' but we ain't scared
Don't care what's in the glassware
Because we with all of our friends
We gon' party like it's the end
That's that 2012 shit
Wont stop 'til my brain quits
My memory feels like a record on skip
But, all I know last night was the shit

Chorus X2

Here we go again this aint nothin new to me
Bout to graduate college with my partyin' degree
They say I got soul 'cause I'm the life of the party
Yada yada yada yada somethin' bout Bacardi
Not a fan but I'll drink it no I don't discriminate
Drink certain liquor straight but some I need to chase
Black licorice hate the taste favorite Jager any way
And I'll be damned if any of it goes to waste
What seems to be the officer, problem?
Get drunk tonight tomorrow I'll solve em
All the girls here, some hoes some sluts
When the shots go up I back door cut
Maybe just a tip in possibly a slam dunk
But I'm not LeBron James under pressure I drunk
Smoke weed? Me too
Got some? I do

Chorus (x2)
Track Name: Turn Em Down
turn em down, just turn em down
turn em down now little girl turn em down
turn em down, just turn em down
dont you know you are the cutest damn thing in town

Verse 1:
turn em down like collars
uneducated scholars
every time they holla
girl tell them don't bother
they aint worth ya time
see they try to grind
but you rise and shine higher than they'll ever climb
you 2 levels higher devil like fire
your what they desire you keep them inspired
you keep them wired your like adderall
and I'm sure your tired of neanderthals
uneducated minds who try to waste your time
you just take their lies with a pretty fake smile
they mesmerized by your wit and great style
and none of these guys trying to wait a great while
they trying cut to the chase putting cups in your face
putting blunts in your face they just lust for a taste
but you know better than that so just tell them step back
inbox packed but you never text back


Verse 2:;
turn em down baby girl turn around
and watch the heads turn like they just heard a sound
you the sight of the city the talk of the town
since you were just a kid writing chalk in the ground
all the boys would gather round offer you their toys
same boys at the bar tellin you they own a royce
or was it a benz either way they pretend
some scared to talk to you so they text all your friends
and you get mentioned in the texts they send
everywhere you go getting questioned and
surrounded the second that you steppin in
I bet you sick of how blunt these men will get
tryna cut to the chase puttin cups in your face
puttin blunts in your face they just lust for a taste
but you know better so you tell them fall back
missed calls stack but you never call back

Track Name: R.O.D. (feat. Mr. U)
(Mr. U)
Dopest motha' fucka' yeah I'm doin all your moms
Call me what I am and Imma wear it like a charm
Cause it's all about the future and the image that I put on
So I never shy away from anything that I get called
It's like I ball so hard left nut got loose
Now I came out my shell just to nut on you
Try to catch my sneeze and I'm all cashew
But I don't give a fuck cause the pucks past you
Nigga I'm amazing
Fire in my mouth got me spittin like a cajun
Target on my back cause these eyes all envy
Killin all these eyes that's what makes me an emcee
Fuck it it's a frenzy I'm rollin on dubbs
Got you on the bandwagon rollin with us
And we never gon' stop cause we knockin beats
And we steam rollin stoned so we rockin this town
(Rockin this town)

Pause for the drummer, run it like Obama
Jump inside your house leave you dead like Osama
Spring into the summa, fall into my hands
Catch you like a pop up than I throw you to my mans
Williams takes the pass and he puffs it like the last
Welcome to the circle gotta blunt in every hand

Girl take this pill you know whats up now you rollin on dubbs
Never roll up to the club rather roll a couple blunts
Just bought some green this week and shit I aint been sober once
Anybody sleepin on me here's some Folgers for your cups
Or No Doz, you slow pokes turn your don't know's to oh no's
Like the words that your ho spoke when I hit her with that slow poke
Uh that's nasty you can catch me with a girl to suck or match me
Yooper shit, yooper shit, smokin weed and eatin' pasties
God damn all these rappers should be actors
Just like Sandusky should be coachin for the Packers
When it comes to word play Imma bachelor a master
And I hardly fuck with rappers like I manufacture bastards
Treat each play like the last play, you just stay in last place
Imma pop the bottles homie you can taste the champagne
You go ham we rampage you be high we on a damn plane
Dont bullshit, you and I knew U and I be on a campaign
Beautiful Silence, Beautiful Silence
Look into my eye lids irrefutable highness
Dope is my mind unreusable lines
So go and copy my flow, but you can't do it like I did
One of a kind I gotta gun for a mind
My mind is like a weapon mental Colt 45
You got drive now your ride is filled with holes on the side
You pulled over on the side I bet these hoes ain't suprised
At your bummy ass, scummy ass, askin' where your mummy at
Get yo cryin' ass some Kleenex enough to keep a mummy wrapped
I'm tryna make some money spend my summer where it's sunny
Ya'll Jim Carey's just ain't scary so quit starin' with your funny mask
Liar liars, I wish you were on fire
And you too old to be rappin' man I wish you would retire
Imma small town boy, with some big movie wishes
And I'm just lookin for some...
(Big Booty Bitches)
Track Name: Van Gogh (feat. CodeMan)
The rap games on life support
It ain't a genre no more it's some type of sport
So much hate I don't know if I should fight it or
Get back to doing me and just write some more
Shit ain't the same what happened to the cyphers or
The dudes who just spit and didnt need a microphone
Find a real emcee you need a microscope
As you comb through the scene too thick to lypo oh
It seems these days everyones a dj
But all they scratch is ass as they let them CDs play
All you hear is the same beats played on replay
And lyrics so cliche that he say she say
Uhh, where the fucks the creativity
Money talk where the fucks the relativity
And I tripping bout the mean face they giving me
Cause I won't choose the path that the green faces giving me

Fuck dem green backs I'm trying to bring that real back
Fuck dem green backs I'm trying to bring that real back
These days the game it lacks heart
I think I'm van gough bringing back art


(Chorus) (X4)
Track Name: Life Before Death (feat. T.W.A.T.)
Sometimes I wonder
Whats gon' happen to me
When it's all over
Will that be the last of me?

It's like I'm damned if I'm right, damned if I'm wrong
Forget the after life Imma live before I'm gone

I swear that Atheists the bravest men alive
Without an explanation of what takes place when we die
I hate to think that in the dirt some day I'm gonna lie
I just can't accept the idea of someone in the sky
They call me bright they don't know how dark it is
When you discover somethin' that just makes it hard to live
Times I consider simply discarding this
And my uncertainty gives me the heart to live
They say I'm wise beyond my years but my wisdom brings me fears
I envy the less intelligent I bet they shed less tears
Hold your cheers there aint time for shots or beers
Aint no time for blackouts when my death it feels so near
My parents taught me nothin' not sure where I get my insight
I guess it's the result of everything that I've learned in life
And the worst thought is if everybody is right
Then Imma just burn...

(Chorus) (x2)

I've searched for something and found nothing, what a bountiful harvest.
You see, there's substance in the subjects you've swept under the carpet.
Some take my hardships for granted and claim I'll burn in hell;
but sir I don't hide inside the same cave in which you dwell.
I don't have time to pray 'cause the game is predator and prey,
I'll be working for a braver fate until my dying day.
The illusion of self created this paradox we hold.
The grave may be the end of "me", but I'm just a piece of the whole.
The wise are only so because they know they don't know shit,
so beat your high horse to deat, you can't ride off on it.
There are no prophets or holy men who weren't out of their minds,
and the worst part is you won't know you were wrong after you die.
So take a chance, 'cause chance is the reason we're alive,you get one chance to roll the die, so keep the fire in your eyes.
I don't need a lie, reality is enough for me.
The truth may hurt your head but it will also set you free.

(Chorus) (x2)
Track Name: The Words I Held
She changed my life in so many ways,
She gave me strength, she gave me faith
She assured me that I'd see better days
When the clouds came out, and my skies were grey, see,
I could talk to her, I felt safer,
Then I did at home where I felt like a stranger,
And when I needed help she would be my life saver
But I never took the time to thank her
I mean, I'd show love and I'd give her a hug
But in my mind that was never really enough
Cause she was always there when life got tough
Plus she was the only adult that I could trust
I won't forget the day she passed away
Held so many words that I had to say..
And she's the only reason I'm believin' this
Imma tell you everything when we meet again

The words I held
They give me hell
You'll never hear or see
Exactly what you mean to me

She's the reason that I even rap
Wrote a couple lines when I was feelin sad
She read them and said she was feelin that
She said I had a talent she revealed me that
She saw somethin' that noone else did
Gave me confidence and once I felt it
I found a world that'd I'd accell in
I'd feel welcome and I'd do well with
I used to feel like the world had cursed her
Then I realized the earth didn't deserve her
Cause she was real always tell ya what she feel
Did what she had to get her kids the next meal
I won't forget the day she passed away
Held so many words that I had to say
And she's the only reason I'm believing this
Imma tell you everything when we meet again

(Chorus) (x2)

Where would I be if it wasn't for her?
My life might have taken the worst of turns
She helped me grow and she helped me learn
In a time when my parents showed no concern
A young child feelin all alone
She gave me a place I could call a home
And when I needed help I would call her phone
I had alot of problems she would solve them tho
A mother of five, yet a kid in most eyes
Lived like she ain't expect no more time
27 years but she touched the most lives
It's like her own death was of no suprise
I won't forget the day she passed away
Held so many words that I had to say
And she's the only reason I'm believing this
Imma tell you everything when we meet again

(Chorus) (x2)
Track Name: 3 A.M.
Cruisin 3rd at 3 A.M. (X3)
Things have changed and all the same

it's the simple pleasures in life that you forget
you dont know really what you have til you forfeit
I swear when I get up out of bed each morning
I look out the window to my disappointment
naw this isnt my home I swear I didn't know
this place existed bout six months ago
not sure why I left just felt the need to go
I got dreams to catch so my feet hit the road
my heart wasn't sure but it never spoke up
my mind should have known but it never woke up
sometimes I wonder if we never broke up
i'd still be in town riding round showin love
cruising down 3rd at 3 am
riding down 4th at 4
my home is always waiting
and that much I know for sure


its the simple pleasures in life that you neglect
until you really take the time to reflect
look into the mirror no respect
cause he had everything he loved but he left
he left we left aint too much me left
up late every day & night I need rest
a quick trip back home all I request
but i'm nervous of all I might regret
all of the friends that'd I see on weekends
up late partying every morning sleep in
it's like a cycle that I was knee deep in
that kept me away from the dreams I was seekin
cruisin 3rd at 3 AM
riding down 4th at 4
my town is still waiting
and that much I know for sure


it's the simple pleasures in life that you ignore
make ya wonder what it is that ya live for
cause sometimes when you really try to get more
you end up with less then you had before

Track Name: Pay For It
Sometimes, sometimes the realest thing you can do
is not evaluate the lives of others, but evaluate your own life and motives

My childhood is a touchy subject
All i recall is wonderin' is this done yet?
Then one day all of a sudden it was
And I wondered why I tried to skip ahead so much
Such a rush to grow up never really got in touch
With my fun youthful side I would have loved so much
See i was busy planning never really understanding
That my brain it was expanding but the fate that I was handing myself
Was developed by a false sense of wealth
Doctors fees only reason that I worry 'bout my health
Workin' hard only for the benefit of someone else
Until the day I awoke from my slumber
Before, only money on my mind I was stubborn
But the real value of it I wonder
Funeral attendance now that's a real number

We aim for it, we pray for it
We change for it and we pay for it
We aim for it, we pray for it
We change for it and we pay for it
We aim for (money) we pray for (money)
We change for (money) and we pay for it
We aim for (money) we pray for (money)
We change for (money) and we pay for it

Money, money, money on my mind all the time
Until the day I opened up my eyes realized
That I had been so blind, so deprived
My inner child died I forgot it was alive
I was countin' dimes, I was chasin' cash
Now I'm countin smiles chasin' shit that makes me laugh
I be livin' fast but somehow I make it last
Tell the doc' don't need a cast Imma work with what I have
See the truth is somethin' you only get if you ask
Life is like a party everybody wears a mask
Then one day I awoke from my slumber
Before, only money on my mind I was stubborn
But the real value of it I wonder
Funeral attendance now that's a real number

Track Name: Where's The Love?
I'm feeling it
I feel alive
invisible ceilings
all I sees the sky
invincible feelings
like I'll never die
every body got dreams
me I'm reaching mine
but thats the only difference in me and them
chase my dreams and the girl I see in them
people hatin so I'm bob and weavin them
they got negativity thats not for me to catch
so I hide and duck
and sometimes feel stuck
in the time where it's getting hard to find the love
so I climb up I try to live above
but when you find your love people tell ya give up
try to have fun people tell ya grow up
try to live up people tell ya slow up
we live in a world that's been hating so much
they call you a dick rider when you try and show love

Where's the love tell me where's the love?
Where's the love tell me where's the love?
We live in a world that's been hatin' so much
They call you a dick rider when you try and show love

lifes short why wait
real short why hate
if you think someone great
tell em fore the times late
and if they ain't
let them do their thang
and go appreciate those you emulate
you know what they say if it aint nice dont say it
if it aint worth your attention dont pay it
if you dont like the game dont play it
people gone do what they do that's the way it is
these days it's just so hit or miss
if you dont make hits then you won't be missed
not the first to admit that it just ain't right
but imma keep it real hate that you hate life
sometimes I get pissed off and stressed
and just wanna give up I confess
but I learned if you can smile at your worst
noone on earth can handle your best

(Chorus) (x2)

Smile at your worst, smile, smile at your worst
Smile at your worst, smile, smile at your worst
Smile at your worst, smile, smile at your worst
And noone on earth can handle your best